EO USB and GigE Camera Series


Windows V4.93 (32 & 64-bit) Windows driver
Linux V4.93 (32 & 64-bit) Linux driver


Download the manuals as self-extracting archives Download
Camera Manual V4.93 English
.NET Manual V4.93 English
Samples Manual V4.93 English
"Obsolete Functions" Manual V4.93 English
HALCON Documentation English
DirectShow Manual V4.93 English
LabView .NET Manual V4.93 English
VisionPro Manual V4.93 English
GenICam Manual V4.80 English
TWAIN Manual V4.80 English
ActiveX Manual V4.60 English


Software interfaces
Note that all these files are also included in the Windows Setup download.

ActiveX Control 4.41 (32/64-bit) ActiveX 4.41
Cognex VisionPro interface 4.90 (32/64-bit) Cognex VisionPro 4.90
Common Vision Blox interface Download driver from manufacturer:
Common Vision Blox 2016 (32/64-bit)
DirectShow driver 4.90 (32/64-bit) DirectShow 4.90
GenICam interface for cameras with USB and GigE interface 4.00 (32-bit) GenICam 4.00
Windows interface 4.82 for HALCON versions 11.0 up to 13.0 & 17.12 (32/64-bit) HALCON 4.82
Linux Embedded ARMv7 (hf) interface 4.90 for HALCON 13 & 17.12 HALCON 4.90
HALCON 8.0 Linux (gcc-4.0) driver 3.1 HALCON 3.1
LabVIEW .NET 2013/2012/2011/2010 interface 4.41 (32/64-bit) incl. programming examples LabVIEW 4.41
MERLIC 3 & MERLIC 2.1 interface 4.82.1 (32-bit) MERLIC 4.82.1
NeuroCheck 6/6.1 interface 4.90 (32/64-bit) NeuroCheck 4.90
Python interface Download the Python interface from: https://pypi.org/project/pyueye
TWAIN driver 4.00 (32-bit) TWAIN 4.00


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